We recently had a quote of the day about Romantic Love. This got me thinking about Love in all its forms and the idea that 'Love brings Joy'. The concept of 'Living in Love' stems from a shift in mindset. When we can move our personal awareness into the realm of approaching all aspects of life with the frame of Love, our entire life changes. To digress, let me give you an example of shifting mindset. The next time you are out driving, I want you to do a little experiment and look for green cars. I am pretty sure you will begin to see more green cars than you noticed before. It might even seem as if suddenly, there are a lot more green cars. The truth is, that in shifting your awareness to seeking green cars, you notice more green cars. These green cars were probably always there, except now you notice them. This is the same for 'Living in Love'.

When we approach life with the frame of Love, suddenly everything seems, well… Lovely. In this mindset, the world changes from one that is unfair, difficult or stressful (to name a few) to one that seems full of possibility. When your heart is full of Love, it literally pushes out any negative, or as we say at BitterSweet, any Bitter emotions.

Imagine if you could harness positivity and cocoon yourself in Love? How would you approach your problems? Would they still seem Bitter? Or, would the world take on a Sweet tint?

I will argue that surrounding yourself in Love will give your world a Sweetness that will bleed into all aspects of your life. Love changes us. It makes things possible. It allows a level of happiness that can only be described as Joy. As a therapist, we sometimes use an exercise called “Go to your happy place.” In this exercise, you are tasked to think about things that make you happy. Go on… take a minute and play along.  What did you think of? I bet you didn’t think about things you hate. I bet you thought about things you LOVE!

'Live in Love' and you will find happiness. And, the best part, this place lives inside you, ready for you to use any time you need a Sweet boost. Try it! Let us know how it goes.