"The BitterSweet Score

is a quick and simple way of checking your emotions to determine how you feel about a situation."

– Monica Pena-Aviles MS, LMFT




At The BitterSweet Score, the best parts of Psychology and Technology have been combined to deliver a tool that you can use to embrace and understand your emotions so you can make better decisions.

“We all have an inclination of how we feel, but not a true understanding of what lurks beneath, rumbling inside, motivating our day-to-day actions. This missing understanding of feelings dictates the course of our lives and impacts our relationships, our work, basically our every waking moment.”

By using The BitterSweet Score tool you can better understand your feelings and dominant emotions surrounding a situation and then harness those feelings to make better decisions.


How does it work?

The BitterSweet Score is rooted in Psychology. The foundation of the assessment is based on Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Emotions.

By responding to a simple "feelings question", The BitterSweet Score Tool captures your responses and then immediately delivers to you The BitterSweet Score.

The BitterSweet Score is a measurement of how you feel about a situation.


What feelings can I use it for?

You can use The BitterSweet Score to understand how you feel about any number of situations. To get your Score, you start by asking a question about how you feel.

For example:

  • How does my job make me feel?
  • How does my education make me feel?
  • How does my relationship with ... make me feel?

With your question in mind, you run The BitterSweet Score Tool and obtain your BitterSweet Score.

Armed with a measurement of your emotions, you can now work toward making an informed decision. 


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