Your emotions will tug at you from both sides...

Thanks to American politics, the world is experiencing an emotionally volatile week.  If you tune into the news or any social media outlet, you witness the spectrum of emotions across the nation and the world: Love, Joy, Surprise, Anger, Sadness, Fear.

All 6 Primary Emotions have been, and continue to be, on full display.  With that said, I want to take a moment to delve into the BitterSweet Score’s core, and thus explore the 6 Primary Emotions in a little more depth. With everyone’s emotions so tuned in, the last thing we want to do is ignore them and miss the chance to help people gain a better understanding of themselves, their emotions and the emotions of those around them.

Our Sweet Emotions consist of Love, Joy and Surprise. All three present in full force this past week.

Love manifested itself in many ways.  Images of the new President’s children showed them smiling, looking upon their father in adoration, as well as many spectators waving fiercely at the cameras, a glean in their eyes.  At the Women’s March, the protesters were seen hugging each other, holding each other’s hands as they walked down their city streets. Words of love plastered over many of their signs, the famous “Love trumps hate” seen as far as countries in Africa.

We saw Joy on the faces of many as they congratulated their new President.  The news showed a woman crying, overjoyed while attending the Presidential inauguration, the tears showing her hopes and dreams.  Social media pages were full of friends posting pictures of themselves, cheering as speakers such as America Ferrera urged them forward.

Surprise, reigned high this entire political cycle.  The unexpected outcome leaving many shocked, either in Joy or in dismay.  The daily news continues to Surprise the world with images of the defeated contender at the inauguration smiling pleasantly, to the Press Secretary denouncing the media in his first engagement with the press.

Our Bitter Emotions are comprised of Anger, Sadness and Fear. These Emotions are very powerful and can drive outcomes.

Anger has flared.  Friends and families are arguing with each other over differing political views to the point of exhaustion.  Both sides frustrated with the other.  Anger fueled the Women’s March due to outrage over statements the President has made about women.  Anger fuels the President’s supporters demanding “give him a chance.”

For many, the transition of power brought Sadness in losing a beloved President.  For others, there is Sadness in seeing so many on social media oppose the incoming President.  In both cases Sadness exists.  

Fear presides over the upcoming changes.  Fear of what will be lost.  Fear of the unknown.  Signs held by the protesters at the Women’s March showed fear clearly: “Please Don’t Destroy the Earth”, “No more wire hangers”, “I have Cancer. You are my death sentence”.  For many, their fear is that change will not occur and that skyrocketing health insurance premiums will bankrupt them.  And for others, fear is not regaining employment or that promises made during the campaign will not hold through.

Regardless of which side you are on, it is evident that this political arena polarized everyone one way or the other, and in this polarization, you feel a combination of all the 6 Primary Emotions. When it is an event of this magnitude, identifying your emotions is easier, as you feel strongly. When events magnify your emotional response, you feel alive, almost invincible.  But, this heightened emotional response can, and often does, lead to a lack of judgment.  It is in this state that you act impulsively, act without regard for the consequences or say things you cannot take back.  It is in this place that relationships are often ruined.

At The BitterSweet Score, we know that NO emotion is good or bad. We know that all emotions are part of the vitality we share as part of the human species. What we also know is that emotions that are not understood and not cultivated wreak havoc.  It is our mission to have you understand your feelings. By helping you gain insight into your emotions we know you will have better lives.

Without understanding and insight, it is impossible to master our emotions, leaving them to dominate the outcomes of our lives.  Take the above examples to see how your emotions influence your responses.  Ask yourself, “How does my current emotional state influence my decision making.”  Now, take this knowledge and do something different. Change your outcomes. Perhaps each of us can change ourselves and thus change the world.  We might even use our emotions to bridge the divide.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback.