The Other Side of Fear

At The BitterSweet Score, we believe there is special power in the emotions that come with failure.  But, all too often, we play it safe, avoiding failure because we are afraid.  Fear is one of the 6 Primary Emotions.  To be successful, you will need to accept some failure in your life.  If you plan properly though, you can limit the risk associated with failure and use the emotions generated along your path-to-success to propel you forward faster.

On the Bitter side of your emotional spectrum you have Fear, Anger and Sadness.  On the Sweet side are Love, Joy and Surprise.

Think about how you might embark on a mission towards success and what emotions you will feel along the way.  You begin with Fear, afraid you may fail.  Then you try and FAIL!  Now Anger sets in.  But, you have learned to identify and use your emotions from The BitterSweet Score, so you use your Anger to plow ahead.  You embrace the Sadness from your failure and use its power to focus on the problem once again, seeking out new solutions based on what went wrong. 

But you aren’t done with your emotions yet!

Now you reach across the divide for your power tools.  You know your Sweet Emotions will move you along.  You Love what you do and your passion to succeed motivates you!  You execute your new plan for success and BOOM-IT WORKS!  You immediately feel a little bit of Surprise and then Joy!  The Joy that comes from success is all you were striving for and now it’s yours. 

To quote George Addair, the founder of Omega Vector, "Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear."  Therefore, use Fear to your benefit and find the Joy you are missing.