Meh... or should I say M-E-H?

I don’t know about you, but lately my Facebook feed is full of friends responding “meh” to a variety of posts.  I can hear them saying it  --  I can see their shoulders shrugging and their eyes rolling, while their lips frown downwards like grumpy-cat.  Who would have thought The Simpsons could have such far-reaching influence?  

So what exactly does “meh” or “m-e-h” mean?

In essence, meh is modern day slang for apathy.  Apathy is a general lack of emotion, a disdain for passion and excitement, and/or indifference.  Apathy is something we all experience in some capacity.  It is a natural response to disappointment, dejection, and stress.  Sometimes we want to feel meh. Sometimes not caring is the lesser of the evils.  It gives you a reprieve from feeling those highly intense, unwanted emotions.  Sometimes feeling meh is as good as being "dead in the water".  Feeling meh is when you find yourself in a place lacking inspiration and passion.

Have you ever lacked inspiration or passion?

Feeling meh about a situation is 100% on the bitter scale.  Meh rolls anger, sadness and fear into one giant “whatever” feeling, or should I say “meh”?  

I am sure parents of teenagers have lots of experience with Meh.