The Election Assessment - Does Fear Drive Voters?

It was interesting to watch the 2016 Presidential Debate last night.  The focus on facts has been unbelievable.  And while facts are important, we can’t dismiss feelings.  As voting citizens, we review each candidate’s history, their track record of accomplishments and the reality tied to the things they say.  These things evoke from us a visceral response from which we make our voting decisions.  Both candidates seem to bring out Sweet emotions, and this is to be expected.  Furthermore, based on the review of our user's responses to the Election Assessment, the candidates are also weighted pretty heavily on the Bitter side, with Fear at the top of the list.  

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump vie for the ultimate power seat, it's easy to see to see why Fear is such a prevalent emotion during this election period. Fear ties into trust.   If after taking the Election Assessment your dominant emotion was Fear, you likely have a trust issue.  Yes, we know – hello Captain Obvious.  Who doesn’t have a trust issue with the Candidates?  Turn on any news station and every poll tells you trust is an issue.  But, if you look deeper at trust, you will also find layers of respect and care.  So ask yourself:

  • Do you respect the Candidate(s)?
  • Do they respect the American people?
  • Does the Candidate care for you?
  • Does the Candidate care about what is important to you?

In the end how you feel will dictate how you vote.

As promised, we have aggregated the results of the Election Assessments taken on September 26, 2016, the night of the first Presidential Debate.  The chart below seems to echo much of what we have been hearing in the news, but with some additional clarity.

Based on the chart, you can see that Trump supporters are more passionate about their candidate with Love and Joy being their leading emotions.  For Hillary, people are finding Joy in her candidacy but are struggling to love her.  In addition, voters have expressed almost equal levels of Anger and Sadness with both candidates.  Finally, the high level of Surprise for Trump supports the higher level of Fear voters have from this candidate. 

If you haven’t tried the Election Assessment, you must!  Find out how you feel about the candidates, your answers may surprise you.  It is FREE, ONLY 1 QUESTION and WILL ONLY TAKE 2 MINUTES TO COMPLETE.  Just click here to get started.  When you are done, come back and tell us your thoughts?  Ask questions.  Help us create a dialogue.