Passion - It's a little bit of "Love" and a little bit of "Anger"

When you hear the word passion, what do you envision? Do images of red roses and satin sheets pop up first? Or, do images of someone speaking loudly to a crowd of people come to mind? Maybe you visualize a person pounding the keys of a piano fully absorbed in the music?

I started thinking about the complexity of this feeling after a heated discussion. When it was over, I felt elated yet angry. I felt strongly about the topic and rationalized the argument as each of us just being passionate about the subject matter.

Passion, when dissected, is a combination of the emotions Love and Anger. As it is two emotions rolled into one it is very powerful.  Passion is a feeling that can defy logic and overpower thinking.  When we feel passionate about something we often become blinded to all other things. 

If passion is driven by Love, all that exists is what we are enthralled with.

If passion is driven by Anger, we refuse to see the opposing point of view.

Anger and Love, Bitter and Sweet... How has your passion served you? Has the Love in your passion strengthened your relationships?  How about your work? Has the Anger in your passion alienated you from others?

Understanding how passion works at an emotional level is crucial in order to take control and harness the energy it creates. When blinded by "Angry Passion" we risk offending others. If absorbed in "Loving Passion" we can alienate those closest to us.  Just the right amount of passion though, can set a relationship on fire.  It can ignite a cause and motivate others to rally!  Passion can lead to heightened creative experiences where masterpieces are brought to life.

What has been your experience with Passion?  Where on The BitterSweet scale does passion live for you -- Love or Anger?