Love Doesn't Hurt... Loss Does.

I recently had the pleasure of watching one of my dear friends become a new mother. I watched her interacting with her baby boy, the expression on her face was a big teeth-baring smile. The world around her ceased to exist as she looked down upon him. There was even a twinkle in her eyes. I do not think I have ever seen her so happy.

It was evident my friends’ happiness was tied to her Love for her newborn. It made me wonder…

Does Love always brings Joy?

I reflected on my own experiences and could not recall a single time that Love didn’t have me feeling wonderful and happy. There was never ever any room for any of the Bitter Emotions. Love always brought happiness alongside it.

Now, I know when Love fades and you have a nasty break up or when you lose someone close unexpectedly, it feels like Love Hurts.  But, this is different. This is not the emotion Love causing the pain, it’s the grief over the loss of Love that hurts. 

I hear people say “Love Hurts” all too often, so I think I need to rectify this notion. 

As time passes and the pain of loss passes, we often recall the one loved and these memories bring back happiness and Joy.  Loss is painful, no doubt.  It sits on the Bitter Emotions scale for sure.  Love though, Love is always sweet.

What have been your experiences with Love?  Did you find it Sweet? Or would you argue it was Bitter?